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Nera & Zeology have entered the leather tanning world with a bang. And of course you want to know more! That is why everything you have asked us already about our brand and the products, and all the information we think you should you, is gathered here.

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About the product

What is Zeology and what does it do?

Zeology is the new standard in leather tanning. It is a game-changing sustainable tanning solution. It consists of a Zeolite-based tanning agent.

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About the sourcing

Where do you source your ingredients from?

The Zeolite used to produce the tanning agent is sourced from The Netherlands, with adherence to strict local environmental and social norms.

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About the sustainability

How to achieve a sustainable leather value chain?

Zeology was developed to provide a sustainable alternative to existing tanning agents.

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About Zeo White

What makes Zeo White unique and what is the storability?

Zeo White’s bright white color, enables white leather, and lighter and brighter colors.

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About the availability

Is Zeology available to everyone?

Yes, Zeology is commercially available for tanneries and Zeology leather goods are on the market available for consumers.

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About the benefits

What are the main benefits of Zeology?

The main benefit is for the environment: less pollution and improved biodegradability. Discover all the benefits of Zeology.

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About the tannages & tanning process

What is a metal tannage and how does the tanning process work?

The processing conditions are very similar, the chemistry of Zeology tanning is different.

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About the innovation

Why is Royal Smit & Zoon introducing this product?

Royal Smit & Zoon is launching Zeology under Nera, because we believe in creating sustainable leather together.

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