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Position papers

Sharing our knowledge: Position papers

At Nera, we believe that sharing our extensive knowledge on zeolite tanning contributes to a more sustainable leather value chain. Therefore, we are making make our insights, experience and knowledge of Zeology available through the University of Zeology. As we are continuously gaining more insights, we will be making new knowledge available regularly.

Learn more about how you can contribute to a more sustainable leather value chain, by choosing zeolite-based tanning with Zeology. Dive in!

Masterclass ‘How to work with Zeology’
On what types of skin can Zeology be used?
What is the difference between ‘biodegrading’ and ‘composting’?
Is Zeology tanned leather more biodegradable than chrome tanned leather?
FAQ Biodegradability
Whitepaper: Biodegradability and disintegration of leather
Biodegradability of Zeo White
Masterclass: Biodegradability of Leather
The leather making process: step by step
It’s time to revolutionize leather tanning
The science and chemistry behind Zeology
Zeology, a perfect fit for white leather
Download: Technical Data Sheet
What is a metal tannage?
The tanning processes
The main benefits of Zeology
Download: Zeology Information Kit
Frequently Asked Questions
Zeology & sustainability
Zeolite explained
Whitepaper: Zeolite & metals
Zeology and waste stream
Tanning chemicals: what are the options?
Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)