Position papers

Sharing our knowledge: Position papers

At Nera, we believe that sharing our extensive knowledge on Zeology tanning contributes to a more sustainable leather value chain. Therefore, we are making make our insights, experience and knowledge of Zeology available through the University of Zeology. As we are continuously gaining more insights, we will be making new knowledge available regularly.

Learn more about how you can contribute to a more sustainable leather value chain, by choosing zeolite-based tanning with Zeology. Dive in!

Three important certifications for Zeology
Quality and safety of our products are of the utmost importance to us and certifications help us prove that Zeology complies with international industry standards and legal requirements.
Recycling vs. composting. What makes sustainable sense for the fashion industry?
In Forbes’ article ‘Mass Recycling Of Fashion Is Years Away; Is Composting An Alternative?‘ , Brooke Roberts-Islam, dives into the possibilities of composting as a (more) sustainable option to recycling.
tanning with zeolite
Responsible sourcing of aluminium/bauxite for Zeology
As of 2022 Nera has been using zeolite that has been produced from ATH that is certified according to the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative1 (ASI) standards.
Publication: Modified zeolites as sustainable alternatives to traditional tanning chemistries
The journal Green Chemistry has published a scientific paper on modified zeolites (Zeology) as the sustainable, versatile and game-changing alternative in leather tanning.
biodisintegration zeolite tanned leather
Biodegradability of Zeo White
The biodisintegration of Zeo White is found to be rapid and results in almost complete compostability and aqueous biodegradation.
zeo white sustainable white leather
Zeology, a perfect fit for white leather
Zeo White's bright white color enables white leather, and lighter and brighter colors than were ever possible before.
Tanning Chemicals
What is a metal tannage?
The type of metal tannage that receives the most media attention is the chrome tannage.
The tanning processes
Discover how the Zeology tanning processes work.
leather colours
The main benefits of Zeology
The main benefit of Zeology is for the environment: less polution. Discover the benefits for brands and tanneries.
Chrome Free Leather
Zeology & sustainability
Zeology’s main benefit is for the environment: less pollution, less discharge of chemicals in waste and waste water.
tanning with zeolite
Zeolite explained
What are zeolites and how can it be used in leather tanning?
Zeology and waste stream
The waste streams that arise from the tanning and tanned leather are typically shavings, clippings and sludge.
Tanning chemicals
Tanning chemicals: what are the options?
Read all about chrome tanning, vegetable tanning and chrome-free tanning methods.
Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
In the Effluent Treatment Plant, all the liquid streams of the Zeology tanning process are treated to be reused or ready for disposal.