Responsible sourcing of aluminium/bauxite for Zeology

Zeolites contain aluminium atoms. The basic raw materials for the production of our zeolites are alumina trihydrate, sand and caustic soda. Alumina trihydrate (also known as ATH and aluminium trihydroxide) is produced from mined bauxite.

In certain parts of the world, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) risks are related to bauxite mining and/or the conversion of bauxite into ATH. Nera has chosen a way of responsible sourcing our zeolite that meets the highest ESG standards that can be found in the bauxite/aluminium supply chain.

As of 2022 Nera has been using zeolite that has been produced from ATH that is certified according to the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative(*1) (ASI) standards. This way Nera can guarantee that all steps in the value chain from the bauxite mining until and including the production of ATH comply with the ASI Performance Standard(*2) and the ASI Chain of Custody Standard(*3).

The ASI standards address:

  • Environment, including greenhouse gas emissions, wastes, water and biodiversity
  • Human rights, including supply chain due diligence and rights for Indigenous peoples
  • Material stewardship – recycling and resource efficiency
  • Governance, business integrity and transparency
  • Labor rights and occupational health and safety

The production of the zeolite from ASI certified ATH for Zeology is done in The Netherlands in compliance with Dutch and EU laws and regulations. Both the producer of our zeolites and our own company are certified according ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 450001.

This way Nera guarantees that the whole supply chain from the bauxite mine until the production of Zeology meets the highest ESG standards that currently can be found for aluminium containing leather products.


  1. Aluminium Stewardship Initiative: responsible production, sourcing and stewardship in the global aluminium value chain.
  2. ASI Performance Standard: The ASI Performance Standard defines environmental, social and governance principles and criteria, which address a broad range of sustainability issues in the aluminium value chain.
  3. ASI Chain of Custody Standard: The ASI Chain of Custody Standard creates a link from company practices to responsible sourcing of products, by connecting Certified suppliers and customers and accounting for material flow.

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