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Are you looking for chrome free leather or for more information about chrome free leather tanning? You have landed on the right spot. Discover Zeology tanned leather: the chrome-free leather intermediate. Zeology tanned leather is commercially available in our worldwide network of tanneries.

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What is chrome free leather?

Let’s switch the question for a minute: what is chrome leather and what does it entail?

In order to make leather from a hide, the hide needs to be processed with chemicals. A part of the leather making process is leather tanning. About 75% of leather made today is chrome-tanned. The process uses trivalent chromium (Cr III), which is a safe substance. Chrome tanning produces consistent leathers that can be used or worn, year after year, without any loss of properties. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about the leather industry in relation to chromium. It is sometimes suggested that hexavalent chrome, or chromium VI (Cr VI) is used for tanning leather, and that it is carcinogenic. Good and important to know: chromium VI is not used in the manufacturing of leather!

Still, chromium is not the best option considering the waste streams and strain it puts on the environment. So to answer the initial question:

Chrome free leather is leather that has been manufactured without using chromium in the tanning process.

The Benefits of Chrome free tanning

Leather has many great and unique qualities:

  • It is durable, a leather product can last a lifetime – and even longer.
  • It is made from a by-product of the meat industry. That means it recycles a hide or skin that otherwise would go to waste.
  • Leather can be a circular and biodegradable material when using the right chemicals.

That is why the main benefit of chrome free tanning is for the environment. Chrome free leather means less pollution, cleaner waste streams and improved biodegradability. It creates a more circular solution for the waste of the meat industry. It is therefor the logic choice to make for your leather shoes, bags, chairs, car interiors and jackets.

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Brighter colors

The additional benefit of Zeo White is the color. Zeo White’s bright white color, enables white leather, and lighter and brighter colors than were ever possible before.

Chrome tanned leather

Zeo White, Zeology (chrome free) tanned leather

Does chrome free tanning change the quality of the leather?

Zeology, our zeolite based leather tanning agent, is chrome free, heavy metal free and aldehyde free and does not compromise on leather performance. The proof is in the pudding, because a large variety of leather articles has been developed already and new articles are added each day. For example:

  • Automotive leather for steering wheel, car seats, panels and dashboards
  • Aviation seats
  • Luxury furniture
  • High end fashion; bags, shoes and belts

Especially the tightness, flat grain, bright colours and white leather for sport shoes are on high demand.

So in short, chrome free tanning does not change the quality of leather! 

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The leather value chain is making big steps to make the industry more sustainable. You can read more about this topic on the website of ChromeFree Leather Alliance and also Leather Naturally provides lots of helpful information about innovative ways of leather manufacturing.

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