It’s time to revolutionize leather tanning

Let’s create sustainable leather together

Zeology is the revolutionary new leather tanning agent: truly sustainable and chrome-free without compromising on leather performance. Be inspired and discover the science and chemistry behind Zeology, the new sustainable tanning agent based on zeolite:

Brighter colours. Chrome-free. Facts about Zeology:

  • Zeology enables brighter colors and white leather
  • Top quality leather performance
  • Chrome-, aldehyde- & heavy metal-free
  • Biodegradable leather
  • You can offer your customer a product made of sustainably tanned leather

Curious if your tannery works with Zeology already? See the list of tanneries that can supply you with Zeology tanned leather.

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Meet your customers demand for responsible leather

The benefits of Zeology are mainly for the environment; less pollution and less discharge of  chemicals in waste streams. For you as a brand it also provides image and design benefits, because with using Zeology tanned leather you choose for chrome-free leather without compromising on leather performance. A huge step forward to a circular economy.

Zeology tanned leather is now available for your clothing, shoes, car interiors and other leather goods.

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Your next steps!

Are you a brand or OEM and wanting to make to shift towards sustainable leather? Here is what you should do:

  1. Check if your tannery already works with Zeology
    Go to the list of suppliers of Zeology leather
    Is your tannery on the list? Contact them directly or, for a smooth communication, contact us first. We can make the bridge between the technical side and your brand goals.
  2. Contact us directly
    Are you looking for a new leather manufacturer or do you first want to find out more about the characteristics of leather tanned with Zeology? Reach out. We are ready to help you.

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