Sustainable leather tanning

Zeology: the most sustainable leather tanning agent

Zeology offers a whole new world for leather tanning. The zeolite-based tanning agent is truly sustainable and does not compromise on leather performance. It is just what you need to protect the Earth on the one hand, and still be able to create top quality leather, on the other. It is not just another product, it is a big bang for the leather tanning industry.

Zeology is chrome-free, heavy metal-free and aldehyde-free. Therefore, the main benefit is for the environment: less pollution, less discharge of chemicals in waste and waste water, no use of chromium or glutardialdehyde (GDA), and improved biodegradability of the tanned material.

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5 reasons to choose Zeology

  • Easy to use, robust and predictable tanning agent
  • Numerous environmental advantages
  • Improved leather tightness (small bellies; less cutting waste)
  • Excellent physical properties
  • Potential for improved tanning/cutting yield

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For sustainable and high-performing leather

What makes Zeology unique, compared to both traditional tanning agents and other existing sustainable alternatives, is that it delivers both sustainability benefits and superior leather performance. Zeo White, the tanned intermediate, is unsurpassed in characteristics such as grain tightness, physical leather properties, lightfastness and heat-resistance. In addition, its bright white color, enables white leather, and makes lighter and brighter colors than ever possible.

That is why Zeology is the new standard in leather tanning.

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Plug & play

Zeology is easy to implement in your existing production process: it requires no additional processes and uses similar shift programs, for example.

Zeology leather technicians will provide you with professional consultancy and support, assisting you with the minor adjustments in the tannery processes. Nera ensures a smooth onboarding of the Zeology sustainable tanning concept and the production of high quality leather, named Zeo White.

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