Sharing our knowledge: Whitepapers

At Nera, we believe that sharing our extensive knowledge on zeolite tanning contributes to a more sustainable leather value chain. Therefore, we are making make our insights, experience and knowledge of Zeology available through the University of Zeology. As we are continuously gaining more insights, we will be making new knowledge available regularly.

Learn more about how you can contribute to a more sustainable leather value chain, by choosing zeolite-based tanning with Zeology. Dive in!

Responsible Yak Tanning with Zeology in the Tibet Autonomous Region
Zeology is taking part in an exciting, high-altitude journey in the Tibet Autonomous Region in China. Together with ChromeFree Leather Alliance and The Third Pole of The Earth Leather Industrial Co., Ltd. we are proud to showcase responsible Zeology tanned Yak Leather.
Fertilizing your garden with old shoes? PUMA is making it happen
A second life for your sport shoes, as a fertilizer for your garden. It can potentially help to diminish billions of kilograms of waste. In The Netherlands, waste processing company Ortessa is performing tests on the compostability of PUMA sneakers.
How To Work With Zeology – FAQ
We have gathered the frequently asked questions about How To Work With Zeology and answered them in one document. Free download.
Whitepaper: Biodegradability and disintegration of leather
Download the Whitepaper 'Biodegradability and disintegration of leather'.
Whitepaper: Zeolite & metals
When it comes to tanning, and possible undesirable side effects, media attention is mostly focussed on chrome tanning. What is metal tanning?

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