Sharing our knowledge: Whitepapers

At Nera, we believe that sharing our extensive knowledge on zeolite tanning contributes to a more sustainable leather value chain. Therefore, we are making make our insights, experience and knowledge of Zeology available through the University of Zeology. As we are continuously gaining more insights, we will be making new knowledge available regularly.

Learn more about how you can contribute to a more sustainable leather value chain, by choosing zeolite-based tanning with Zeology. Dive in!

On what types of skin can Zeology be used?
Zeology tanning can be used for both bovine hides (e.g. bull, cow, buffalo, yaks) and ovine skins (e.g. sheep, goat).
What is the difference between ‘biodegrading’ and ‘composting’?
The first stage of biodegradation is biodeterioration, e.g., black spots on bananas – surface breakdown.
Whitepaper: Biodegradability and disintegration of leather
Download the Whitepaper 'Biodegradability and disintegration of leather'.
Whitepaper: Zeolite & metals
When it comes to tanning, and possible undesirable side effects, media attention is mostly focussed on chrome tanning. What is metal tanning?

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