Whitepaper: Biodegradability and disintegration of leather

Biodegradability and disintegration of leather

A sustainable leather value chain not only focuses on the production of the materials but also on their end-of-life scenarios. Society asks for a re-focus on the sustainability of leathers that are more biodegradable, and not just durable. Explaining the biodegradability of leather in specific and understandable terms is a key element to the sustainability of the leather industry. This whitepaper lays out the differences in the terminology and draws a distinction between chemical and whole material testing.

The whitepaper is unique in the leather industry as it provides transparency and clarity in a well-founded matter about the biodegradability, compostability and end-of-life of a leather article.

Download the whitepaper below.

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What is the difference between ‘biodegrading’ and ‘composting’?

The first stage of biodegradation is biodeterioration, e.g., black spots on bananas – surface breakdown.