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Zeology Leather at WHITE Milano
Zeology leather is making an entrance to its first International Fashion Platform: from 23 - 26 September Smit & Zoon is exhibiting the capture collection of Hommy Diaz at WHITE Milano.
Sustainable leather shoes made with Zeology leather
This pair of sustainable leather shoes is the perfect example of a value chain broad cooperation to manufacture leather goods in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.
DesertSpring: a circular, metal- and chrome free tanning concept
Nera, in corporation with Enviu and SN botanicals, has been developing a revolutionary tanning concept based on the extract of the Sea buckthorn plant.
Masterclass on how to use Zeology
On 15 July Nera Tanning is hosting an online Masterclass 'How to work with Zeology?'  
Made with Zeology: small black fashion bag
This small black high-end fashion bag is made of Zeology leather in collaboration with SITOY Group. Hans van Haarst had the privilege to show it to Queen Máxima.
Zeology workshop in Jiaxing University
The teachers and students from the University were attracted by this magic tanning agent for its sustainable and eco-friendly property.
Zeology has been certified ZDHC Level 3
Zeology has been awarded Level 3 conformance to the ZDHC MRSL. A great accomplishment and a recognition that Zeology truly is the new standard in tanning.
Riba Guixà is ready to supply Zeo White
We welcome Spanish tannery Riba Guixà as a Partner of Zeology. They are now ready to supply customers with Zeo White.
Mart Visser coat made with Zeology leather
For the special occasion of Dutch Queen Maxima’s visit to Smit & Zoon Mart Visser designed this beautiful chrome free leather coat.
Partner of Zeology: Tyche Leather Group
We are very happy to announce Tyche Leather Group as an official Partner of Zeology.