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Riba Guixà is ready to supply Zeo White
We welcome Spanish tannery Riba Guixà as a Partner of Zeology. They are now ready to supply customers with Zeo White.
Mart Visser coat made with Zeology leather
For the special occasion of Dutch Queen Maxima’s visit to Smit & Zoon Mart Visser designed this beautiful chrome free leather coat.
Partner of Zeology: Tyche Leather Group
We are very happy to announce Tyche Leather Group as an official Partner of Zeology.
Six months after its launch, over 50 tanneries have embraced Zeology
With this broad group of tanneries and brands, Zeology tanned leather is now used as the basis for shoes, bags, automotive and several other leather articles.
Podcast – How has Zeology been received in the industry?
Zeology has been launched last autumn. How has it been received in the industry so far and what are the plans for the further roll-out? Listen to the podcast!
Nera hosts Masterclass on the Biodegradability of Leather
Nera Tanning launches Biodegradability campaign with a Masterclass and Whitepaper.
Discover the science and chemistry of Zeology
Transparency in leather tanning: Nera shares the science of new tanning agent Zeology. Watch our two brand new films.
Automotive Leather Supply Chain Digital Forum with Smit & Zoon
On 9 December Hans van Haarst will give an exclusive insight in the science of Zeology and discuss the future of the Automotive Leather Supply Chain.
Smit & Zoon and Arsutoria School collaborate in Design Challenge 20/21
We proudly present the Smit & Zoon’s Design Challenge, a competition between 5 talented young designers from 5 different countries. Their goal is to create shoes for the high-end of the fashion industry, with an emphasis on the sustainability.
Zeology provides tanning in a completely new way
Zeology provides tanning in a completely new way with advantages throughout the whole value chain.