RE:SUEDE 2.0 sneaker available for sale

Sports company PUMA will make a commercial version of its experimental RE:SUEDE sneaker, the RE:SUEDE 2.0, available for sale. PUMA showed it was able to successfully turn the RE:SUEDE into compost under tailor-made industrial conditions during a two-year pilot project. One of the materials used for this sneaker is Zeology suede.

PUMA will now make 500 pairs of the commercial version of this shoe, the RE:SUEDE 2.0, available for sale on and Zalando Plus starting April 22.

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Once the RE:SUEDE 2.0s are worn out, customers can return them for free. PUMA will then send the sneakers to its partners so they can be put through a specially equipped industrial composting process. In exchange for sending them back, customers will receive a 20% discount on their next purchase.

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