Zeology, the new standard in tanning

The truly sustainable alternative to existing leather tanning agents. Chrome-free, heavy metal-free and aldehyde-free. Join us in our sustainable ambition.

Let’s create sustainable leather together

Nera Tanning is introducing Zeology, a whole new world for leather tanning. The zeolite-based tanning concept is truly sustainable and does not compromise on leather performance.

If you share the urgency for sustainably manufactured leather, start using Zeology today! Or ask your tannery to choose Zeology.

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Discover the science and chemistry behind Zeology.

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Are you looking for a tannery to supply Zeology Leather, sustainable Zeology tanned leather? We are proud to announce these distinguished tanneries as partners of Zeology.

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Masterclass ‘How to work with Zeology’

A step-by-step lecture on how to work with Zeology and how to get optimal results when using this zeolite based tanning agent. We will discuss the leather tanning process – that starts with the proper preparation – from soaking liming to activating and washing.

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Biodegradability of Leather

From hide to shoe. How can leather stay biodegradable? Watch the recording of our Masterclass ‘The Biodegradability of Leather’. The FAQ is also available.

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Learn everything about the science and chemistry behind Zeology

The science and chemistry behind Zeology
The tanning processes
Zeology & sustainability
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Towards a sustainable leather value chain

Discover everything about our sustainable ambition.
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