The science and chemistry behind Zeology

An in-depth and scientific-based informative and appealing explanation of how Zeology and zeolite works. It all starts out with zeolite. Enter the world of sustainable leather tanning and watch the video.

The main benefits of Zeology for leather manufacturers

  • Consistent and predictable results (within and across batches)
  • Only minor changes in the tanning process are required (easy to implement)
  • Zeology allows lime split and full substance tanning
  • Enables production of chrome-free white splits
  • Zeo White shavings have good biodegradability
  • Grain tightness, and hence small bellies
  • A flat grain with closed hair follicles
  • Zeo White is light colored, making white and bright colored leather possible
  • Zeo White is lightfast
  • Zeo White is heat resistant
  • Good physical properties
  • Economics need to be discussed face to face

Download: Technical Data Sheet

An overview of the technical details about the tanning process and product characteristics.

Download (pdf)
leather biodegradability

Masterclass: Biodegradability of Leather

From hide to shoe. How can leather stay biodegradable? Watch the replay of our online Masterclass.

The tanning processes

Discover how the Zeology tanning processes work.

Meet the tanneries that are working with Zeology

The first tanneries are now ready to supply leather tanned with Zeology. Proud to announce these distinguished tanneries as partners of Zeology.