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The Smit & Zoon Group, and in particular its subsidiary Smit Tanning B.V. (Nera) is the only entity entitled to develop any type of strategic- and/or commercial relationships for products based on alumino-silicates (which can be used both in leather tanning and retanning applications), which are manufactured and commercialized under the below mentioned patent coverage. The Smit & Zoon Group will protect and defend this Intellectual Property and act in accordance with national and international laws and regulations.

The Smit & Zoon Group is the owner of international patents including but not limited to patent nos.: AR088448B1; 2012314229; ZL201280056329.9; 2574682; 602011003549.5; 310223; 623269; ES2442633; 8685111; 2016221725; 3059327; ZL201680010064.7; P20171607T; 602015004545.9; 2015 TR201717493 T4; 102012902018255 (ex PCT / IT2013 / 000017 – MI2012A000110)

The brands Zeology®, Nera® and several other related trademarks have been registered to the Smit & Zoon Group.

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