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Suede leather for sneakers

Puma Zeology

Compostable sneaker by PUMA

Sports company PUMA has developed an experimental version of its most iconic sneaker, the SUEDE, to test for a product to make it biodegradable. By doing so, PUMA aims to meet the growing demand for sustainable products for a better future. The RE:SUEDE, which uses the latest technology available today, is made from more sustainable materials such as Zeology tanned suede, biodegradable TPE and hemp fibres. The Zeology tanning system is based on the mineral zeolite and is chrome-free, heavy metal-free and aldehyde-free.

The Zeology leather used for the RE:SUEDE’s has been developed together with our partner tannery CPL. CPL is a one of world class leather tannery based in Samutprakarn, Thailand. They produce cow split and cow finished leathers and they offer a wide range, from aniline leather to waterproof leather, and from split suede to finished splits. CPL is a one of major finished leather suppliers in South-East Asia and buying brands are for example Nike, adidas, Timberland, Rockport, and many more.

Zeology suede

This pilot is a recharged, refreshed experiment in circularity, following PUMA’s exploration in the space in 2012, which saw the brand’s first attempt to create a biodegradable sneaker as part of its InCycle collection. Yet after four seasons, the sneaker was discontinued due to low demand and the need for further research and development.

Since 2012, PUMA’s innovation department has worked to address the technological limitations of the InCycle collection in order to apply such learnings into the RE:SUEDE experiment. Improvements include the use of new, innovative materials such as Zeology suede, which is made using a more sustainable tanning process and ensures better comfort for the wearer, when compared to other biodegradable materials evaluated at PUMA. The outsole of the RE:SUEDE has also been improved to ensure optimal wear.

Wear, return, compost: follow our journey of the PUMA RE:SUEDE experiment

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FinishingNo finishing as it concerns a suede
Article typeSuede leather for sneakers
SubstrateZeo White
Thickness1.2-1.4 mm
TypeSuede leather for sneakers

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