Survey outcome: 62% say leather is future proof

Alcova survey results

To find out how consumers, designers and brands are thinking about leather, we asked visitors of our Zeology Leather exhibition at Alcova to fill in a short survey. We asked them three questions:

  1. Do you know that leather is made from a by-product (hide) of the food industry?
  2. Why is Zeology Leather sustainable?
  3. Do you think that leather is future proof?

120 people joined our survey. You find the results below.

1. Did you know that leather is made from a by-product of the food and dairy industry?

60% said yes. And that is after we spoke to most of them to explain the process. There are still people that believe that the animal is being killed for the hide. How leather is made is still a mystery for some people.

The primary sources of animal hides used for leather are: cattle – 69%; sheep – 13%; goats – 11%, and pigs – 6%. These animals are typically raised for meat or dairy production, their hides are a byproduct of these industries.

The value of a steer/cow hide is generally only 4% of the total animals value. The leather industry saves the hides from ending up in landfill and turns them to a beautiful, durable material.


2. Why is Zeology Leather sustainable?

Checking if our story comes across. With a little catch, because lots of materials are labeled ‘leather’. Even when the material itself has no connection with an animal hide. That makes it confusing for consumer to know what they are buying. It shows: 10% think Zeology Leather is vegan. Just to clarify: it is not.

Zeology Leather is real, natural leather. So not a vegan alternative.
Zeology Leather is free of chrome, heavy metals and aldehyde.
Zeology Leather is also compostable and fits in a circular business model.

3. Do you think that leather is future proof?

It sometimes feels like we have to persuade people that leather is the more sustainable option, over all those vegan alternatives. But we were curious to find out how Alcova visitors perceive leather in comparison to alternatives. 62% were very positive and intends to keep on working with leather. We like that outcome!

As long as people on this planet will be eating meat, there will be hides. We can either use it or lose it.

By manufacturing leather with eco-friendly chemicals, like Zeology, we create a truly sustainable material.

Many alternative materials, like ‘vegan leather’, are made of or contain fossil-fuel-based plastics. Fossil-based materials are adding to the plastic soup and contributing to the depletion of natural resources. There is also no effective system yet in place to recycle these materials.

Three lucky winners!

Among 120 responses to our survey we randomly selected 3 winners of a limited edition Zeology tote bag. The winners have received a message.

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