Green Chemistry publishes article on modified zeolites as sustainable alternative in leather tanning

The May ’23 edition of the journal Green Chemistry features a research article about Zeology as the new material gaining industrial significance for sustainable leather. The article will report on cutting-edge scientific research on the application of modified zeolites as the most sustainable alternative for traditional tanning methods.

The research article is entitled “Zeolites as Sustainable Alternatives to Traditional Tanning Chemistries” and is free accessible on Green Chemistry.

“A new material gaining industrial significance for sustainable leather is based on a composite of collagen and zeolite. The zeolite forms a 3D network structure covering collagen fibres, improving protein stability and creating material strength.” – Green Chemistry

Proud on this important step towards more transparency in the leather value chain and yet another validation of Zeology on being the green and sustainable approach to tanning hides and skins.


  • William Wise, University of Northampton, Institute for Creative Leather Technologies
  • Stefan Davis, University of Northampton Institute for Creative Leather Technologies
  • Wouter Hendriksen, Royal Smit and Zoon
  • Dirick Von Behr, Royal Smit & Zoon
  • Sujay Prabakar, NZ Leather Research
  • Yi Zhang, NZ Leather Research

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