Zeology and waste stream

Waste streams (sludge, shaving, clippings)

The waste streams that arise from the tanning and tanned leather are typically shavings, clippings and sludge. With the use of Zeology, these mainly contain zeolite, as well as the natural collagen. Therefore, these waste streams are typically heavy metal-free, white of color and easy to handle. Furthermore, the sludge stream can be treated so that it meets the right conditions to be biodegradable. The waste streams coming from Zeology are ready to be re-used, recycled or biodegraded in a potentially circular fashion.

Zeology Leather, the circular choice

Zeology is the certified leather tanning agent that is proven free of hazardous chemicals and consists of circular chemistry. Zeology enables you to produce sustainable leather, that fits in a circular model, without compromising on leather performance.

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