Publication: Modified zeolites as sustainable alternatives to traditional tanning chemistries

The journal Green Chemistry has published a scientific paper on Zeology as the sustainable, versatile and game-changing alternative in leather tanning. The article is entitled “Zeolites as Sustainable Alternatives to Traditional Tanning Chemistries” and available here.

The article is written by:

  • William Wise, University of Northampton, Institute for Creative Leather Technologies
  • Stefan Davis, University of Northampton Institute for Creative Leather Technologies
  • Wouter Hendriksen, Royal Smit and Zoon
  • Dirick Von Behr, Royal Smit & Zoon
  • Sujay Prabakar, NZ Leather Research
  • Yi Zhang, NZ Leather Research

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Leather is the largest application of collagen where typical tanning chemistries include metal salts, polyphenolics and aldehydes. A new type of material that is gaining industrial significance is based on a composite of collagen and zeolite in the area of sustainable leather manufacture. This approach utilises simple, abundant, and benign chemistry, which provides leather with the physical properties needed for a range of possible applications.