About the innovation

Why is Smit & Zoon venturing into tanning?

Smit & Zoon is launching Zeology under Nera, because we believe in creating sustainable leather together. In order for the leather value chain to become more sustainable, everyone needs to contribute. One of the contributions we are making, is the introduction of Zeology. Considering the fact that the tanning step in the value chain offers great potential for improvement when it comes to sustainability, we want to make a difference here as well.


Why is Smit & Zoon introducing this product?

In order for the leather supply chain to become more sustainable, everyone needs to contribute. After four years of extensive research and testing, we have found proven that launching this sustainable tanning concept offers significant benefits for the environment, for tanneries, for OEM’s and brands and, eventually, for the consumer. It will therefore be a gamechanger in the leather industry.


How did the innovation come about?

Smit & Zoon has worked on this innovation during the past four years, based on a patented technology. During this period, we have extensively tested the solution from lab to commercial scale, while investigating it from a chemical, application, leather and tanning mechanism perspective. Smit & Zoon has worked with over 25 external partners on this innovation, including research institutions,
external labs and suppliers. Most importantly, we have worked in a close partnership with three leading tannery groups on the validation and scale-up of the process.

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