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What is Zeology?

Zeology is the new standard in leather tanning. It is a game-changing sustainable tanning concept. It consists of a Zeolite-based tanning agent, accompanied by professional consultancy and support from Zeology leather technicians and sustainability experts to help successful and timely onboarding. Zeology is a game-changer in the leather tanning industry, as it is the only alternative tanning agent that manages to combine sustainability with superior leather performance Economics need to be discussed face to face.


What does Zeology do?

Zeology is a Zeolite-based tanning concept, developed to replace conventional tanning agents as a more sustainable, chrome-free, heavy metal-free and aldehyde-free alternative.


What is the main ingredient?

The main ingredient of Zeology is Zeolite. Zeolite is a microporous material based on the most abundant raw materials in the earth’s crust.

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How does it work? Does it require changing your tanning systems?

The Zeology sustainable tanning concept is easy to implement in the existing production process of tanneries: it requires no additional processes and uses similar shift programs, for example. Nera ensures a smooth onboarding of the Zeology sustainable tanning concept and the production of high quality leather.

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Is it safe to use?

Zeolite is a microporous material, based on the most abundant raw materials in the earth’s crust. It is chrome-free, heavy-metal free and aldehyde-free. It is safe to use for end-consumers as well as for professional workers during the leather production process. Zeolite is used in many other products such as toothpaste, detergents and detoxing pills.


What are the environmental effects?

Zeology was developed as a sustainable alternative to existing tanning agents. It is chrome-free, heavy metal-free and aldehyde-free. Therefore, the main benefit is for the environment: less pollution, less discharge of chemicals in waste and wastewater, no use of chromium or glutardialdehyde (GDA) and improved biodegradability of tanned material.

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How is it different from existing tanning solutions?

Compared to traditional tanning agents, Zeology is game-changing:

  • Zeology is chrome-free, heavy metal-free and aldehyde-free
  • It has positive effects on the environment, including cleaner wastewater, no chrome in the waste streams
  • It has positive effects on the leather quality, e.g. tightness, flat grain, light colors, lightfastness, heat resistance and high physical properties
  • Economics need to be discussed face to face.


Why is it named Zeology?

Combining a keen interest in sustainability, and a thorough study of Zeolite, led to the invention of Zeolite-based tanning. Therefore, the sustainable tanning concept is named ‘Zeology’. It is a contraction of the words ‘Zeolite’ and ‘technology’, and also refers to a ‘subject of study or interest’ (just like psychology or theology). It suggests that it is a whole different ‘field of study’ in the leather industry, in which a lot of knowledge and experience is gathered.


What leather articles can be made with Zeology

The broad scope of articles are currently being produced with Zeology tanned leather range from firm and tight shoe leather to fine and souple garment leather.

Zeology is available at tanneries worldwide. With these tanneries a large variety of leather articles has been developed already and new articles are added each day. Other than automotive leather for steering wheel, car seats, panels and dashboards, leather for aviation seats, luxury furniture, high end fashion bags, shoes and belts have been developed. Especially the tightness, flat grain, bright colours and white leather for sport shoes are on high demand. Our Zeologists support the tanneries to get the best out of Zeology.


On what types of skin can Zeology be used?

Zeology tanning is as versatile as traditional tanning is. Zeology tanning can be used for both bovine hides (e.g. bull, cow, buffalo, yaks) and ovine skins (e.g. sheep, goat).

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