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Collaborations are key to catalyze the process to create a socially and environmentally sustainable leather value chain. Nera is your partner to build the bridge between your brand’s desire for responsible material sourcing and the technical possibilities from a leather manufacturer’s perspective. How can we help you? Get in touch.

RE:SUEDE iconic sneaker by PUMA

Nera is proud to be part of PUMA’s journey towards circularity with these biodegradable sneakers made from Zeology suede.

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Return to Nature bag collection by Anya Hindmarch

The tote and bucket bag styles are crafted from Zeology leather and can biodegrade naturally back to earth.

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Sustainable safety shoes by EMMA Safety Footwear

The use of Zeology leather significantly reduces the environmental impact of the production of the EMMA shoes.

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Coat and leather trousers by Mart Visser

The leather used for these fashion items is white supple lambskin leather is tanned with Zeology by Spanish tannery Riba Guixà.

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Black fashion bag in collaboration with Sitoy

In a special collaboration with SITOY Group we have created a small black high-end fashion bag, made of Zeology leather.

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The first chrome free sneaker in the US by Italic

Italic, a direct-to-consumer e-commerce marketplace in the USA, has launched a pilot program of Zeology tanned leather minimalistic white sneakers. The Zeology sneakers are offered in three styles. With these sneakers Italic is presenting the very first chrome free tanned leather sneakers in the US market.

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Design Challenge X Zeology

The challenge for the designers was to create a shoe collection consisting of 6 styles in total with Zeology tanned leather.

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Purchasing a Zeology-tanned leather item is a great choice! Zeology-tanned leather is biodegradable and compostable and may be used to create any leather item, from shoes to bags and car seats, and many more beautiful and responsibly crafted things.

Leather tanning with Zeology is different from conventional tanning, in that it does not contain any harmful substances. Instead, it is based on a raw material that is abundantly present in the Earth’s crust (zeolite). This makes the leather on your shoe, bag, or lounge chair compostable and biodegradable. You can even return it to the earth!

Zeology was created by Nera, a subsidiary of Royal Smit & Zoon, to contribute to a more socially and environmentally responsible leather value chain. You can find several remarkable products, made with Zeology-tanned leather, showcased on this page.

Zeology leather is now available

Zeology leather is commercially available for your bags, shoes, seats. Find your leather supplier. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to be connected to a Zeology leather supplier or if you want to adopt Zeology in your tanning process.

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