Masterclass ‘How to work with Zeology’

How to work with Zeology?

A step-by-step lecture on how to work with Zeology and how to get optimal results when using this zeolite based tanning agent. We will discuss the leather tanning process – that starts with the proper preparation – from soaking liming to activating and washing.

This masterclass is recommended for:

  • tanneries and leather technicians that are already working with Zeology
  • those who are interested in working with this zeolite based tanning agent

Watch the recording of the Masterclass:

Q&A Masterclass

We have gathered the frequently asked questions during this Masterclass and answered them in this Q&A document.

In this pdf you will find information about, among others:

  • the do’s and don’ts of using Zeology
  • how to prepare the hides
  • pickle tips tanners should remember

Download the Q&A

Chrome Free Leather, Zeo White

What you need to know about Zeology

Zeology is easy to implement in the existing production process of your tannery. It does not require additional processes and uses similar shift programs. But, its mode of action is different to the tanning agents that we all have worked with for so many years. For example:

  • Vegetable and mineral tans dissolve in water, zeolite does not. And it should not.
  • Zeology needs a steady hand and only one acid: formic acid. No single acids and no blended acids.
  • Zeology has no basicity. The tanning properties of Zeology are not influenced by increasing or decreasing degrees of the tanning agent’s basicity.

Learn how to work with Zeology and how to get the best results!

The importance of Chrome Free tanning

The leather industry, brands and consumers ask for more sustainable materials. Chrome free tanning is the sustainable choice for tanning and the better choice, when it comes to the environment.

Not only is Zeology chrome free, it is also heavy metal free and aldehyde free. The use of Zeology instead of the traditional tanning agent has a significant positive impact on waste streams and on the biodegradability of leather. The best part: it does not compromise on leather performance and quality. Premium tanneries around the world have adopted Zeology in their tanning processes.

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Key takeaways of the Masterclass

This masterclass gives you all the knowledge and tools to get an optimal result for your hides when using Zeology. You will learn:

  • the do’s and don’ts of using Zeology
  • how to prepare the hides – there is no good tanning without good preparation
  • the benefits of this tanning system

Read more about Zeology:

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On what types of skin can Zeology be used?

Zeology tanning can be used for both bovine hides (e.g. bull, cow, buffalo, yaks) and ovine skins (e.g. sheep, goat).

sustainable leather tanning

Discover the science and chemistry of Zeology

Transparency in leather tanning: Nera shares the science of new tanning agent Zeology. Watch our two brand new films.

How To Work With Zeology – FAQ

We have gathered the frequently asked questions about How To Work With Zeology and answered them in one document. Free download.