On what types of skin can Zeology be used?

Zeology tanning is as versatile as traditional tanning is. Zeology tanning can be used for both:

  • bovine hides (e.g. bull, cow, buffalo, yaks) and
  • ovine skins (e.g. sheep, goat).

The broad scope of articles that can be produced range from firm and tight shoe leather to fine and supple garment leather.

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Is Zeology tanned leather more biodegradable than chrome tanned leather?

Zeology tanned leather does biodegrade quicker than the traditional tanning technologies.

zeo white sustainable white leather

Zeology, a perfect fit for white leather

Zeo White's bright white color enables white leather, and lighter and brighter colors than were ever possible before.

Download: Zeology Information Kit

A ready-made document with the basics, benefits and FAQ's on Zeology. Including a basic and technical glossary.