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Florian Schrey Account Director Brands & OEM’s
Danielle Koenen Director Marketing & Communication

Trash or treasure?

Our exhibition Trash or treasure? tells the story of leather. How, with the right tanning agent, we can turn a hide into a real treasure: premium leather that is fully compostable. Free of chrome, heavy metals and aldehyde.

Be inspired and discover the circular nature and the unique design possibilities of Zeology Leather.

15 – 21 April, 2024

Villa Borsani
Room B14 (first floor)
Via Umberto I, 148
20814 Varedo MB

General information about Zeology Leather

Visit the University of Zeology for more in-depth information.

Zeology Leather & Compostability

The biodisintegration of Zeo White is found to be rapid and results in almost complete compostability and aqueous biodegradation. Zeo White compost is well bioassimilated and shows a positive effect on plant growth. In this article the biodegradability for Zeo White, the leather intermediate tanned with Zeology is described. Also available in a pdf.

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How to start working with Zeology Leather?

Are you a designer or brand looking to work with leather tanned with Zeology? Have a look at tanneries that can supply you with Zeology Leather. There are more tanneries that can supply you with Zeology Leather, not all are mentioned on the website. Can we help you connect to a tannery or do you want to know if your tannery also works with Zeology? Reach out.

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