Zeolite tanning

A new innovation: tanning with zeolites

A new innovation in tanning chemicals is the use of zeolites. Zeolite tanning offers an innovative and sustainable alternative to traditional tanning methods like chrome tanning and chrome-free aldehyde tanning.  Zeolites have a unique property in that they can absorb or release water, depending on the temperature. Water absorption is an important part of leather comfort, and a tannage that allows water absorption (without swelling) is a desirable characteristic.

Sustainable leather tanning with Zeology

Zeology is the first leather tanning agent that is zeolite-based. Zeology is a patented modified zeolite chemistry and offers chrome-free, aldehyde-free and heavy metal-free tanning.

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It’s Zeology that’s makes the difference, not just zeolite

The demand for chrome free and GDA (glutardialdehyde) free leather is bigger than ever. And Zeology – a patented modified zeolite chemistry – delivers just that. Zeolite as a unmodified raw material, sold by the kilogram, is not a suitable tanning agent. The only perceived advantage of these zeolite blends is the price per kilogram of the tanning agent. Conversely Zeology, with a modified zeolite (patented), is developed and thoroughly tested for optimal leather performance on any substrate with low environmental impact and unmatched production consistency.

Always make sure you are working with ‘the real thing’ and not just any zeolite tanning agent. Are you in doubt? Contact us.

Zeology ≠ zeolite. 4 reasons why

It all starts out with zeolite

This short film gives in-depth and scientific-based explanation of how Zeology and zeolite tanning works.

How to source zeolite tanned leather?

Are you a brand or designer and looking for zeolite tanned leather that offers superior leather performance? Make sure you source your leather from an official Partner of Zeology. Only then you are guaranteed that you are working with certified sustainable tanned leather.

At Nera, we also offer assistance to connect you to one of our suppliers, based on the leather you need and the location of your preferences. Do not hesitate to reach out and ask for our support.

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tanning with zeolite

Zeolite explained

What are zeolites and how can it be used in leather tanning?

Zeology ≠ zeolite

4 reasons why Zeology is not just zeolite. Ensure that you, as a brand or tannery, are working with ‘the real thing’.