Zeology ≠ zeolite

The demand for chrome free and GDA (glutardialdehyde) free leather is bigger than ever. And Zeology – a patented modified zeolite chemistry – delivers just that. Proven superior leather and environmental performance. Ensure that you, as a brand or tannery, are working with ‘the real thing’ and not just any zeolite based tanning agent. Are you in doubt? Nera will always provide professional technical support.

Zeology ≠ zeolite. 4 reasons why:

1. Leather performance.

Zeolite as a unmodified raw material, sold by the kilogram, is not a suitable tanning agent. The only perceived advantage of these zeolite blends is the price per kilogram of the tanning agent. Conversely Zeology, with a modified zeolite (patented), is developed for optimal leather performance on any substrate with low environmental impact and unmatched production consistency.

2. Certifications

Zeology is the only zeolite-based tanning agent with ZDHC MRSL Conformance (Level 3), C2C Certified Material Health CertificateTM at the Platinum level and a ToxFMD Screened Chemistry certification.

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Puma Zeology

3. Proven results

PUMA, Anya Hindmarch, Mart Visser, EMMA Safety Footwear, Italic are just a couple of brands that have created leather goods with Zeology leather. And there are more exciting collaborations on the charts for 2022. Do you want to join the sustainable and chrome free leather movement? Join us.

Products made with Zeology

4. Full support

With Zeology comes full technical support and to help tanneries and brands integrate it into their processes, for maximized results. Nera also takes care of all supply and custody requirement. Zeology is developed to unburden leather manufacturers and brands.

FAQ ‘How to work with Zeology’ 

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Nera acquires Screened Chemistry® certification for Zeology

Where the minimal amount of points required for certification is 20 Zeology scores 33,8!

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Are Zeology leather products available?

The answer is: yes! Zeology leather is commercially available and you can already find it in footwear, car seats, bags and other items.

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The leather making process: step by step

How is leather made? How to source the most sustainable leather? An overview.

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Pim Wilgenburg Business Director Nera