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Chrome free, heavy metal free and aldehyde free

Sustainable fashion. Choose Zeology Leather.


There is no industry like the fashion industry where the shift towards sustainability is so demanding. How do you meet your customers demand for responsible and sustainable leather?

With Zeology Leather, we are introducing a new and truly sustainable material for your fashion goods. Zeology Leather is leather tanned with Zeology, our innovative tanning agent based on zeolites. The benefits of Zeology:

  • Chrome-free, heavy metal-free and aldehyde-free
  • No compromise on leather performance, quality and aesthetics
  • Meet your customers demand for responsible leather

Let’s take the next step together in building circularity in the fashion value chain. What are you waiting for…?

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Brighter colours. Chrome-free. Facts about Zeology:

  • Zeology enables brighter colors and white leather
  • Top quality leather performance
  • Chrome-, aldehyde- & heavy metal-free
  • Biodegradable leather
  • You can offer your customer a product made of sustainably tanned leather

Curious if your tannery works with Zeology already? See the list of tanneries that can supply you with Zeology tanned leather.

Discover all the benefits

Improved biodegradability

Zeology was developed as a sustainable alternative to existing tanning agents. It is chrome-free, heavy metal-free and aldehyde-free. Therefore, the main benefit is for the environment: less pollution, less discharge of chemicals in waste and waste water, no use of chromium or glutardialdehyde (GDA), and improved biodegradability of tanned material. Using Zeology-tanned leather, for your premium leather goods, from bags to shoes to clothes, offers your consumer the responsible leather fashion they are looking for.

The future of sustainable fashion is extra bright

What makes Zeology unique, compared to both traditional tanning agents and other existing sustainable alternatives, is that it delivers both sustainability benefits and superior leather performance. Zeology-tanned leather, Zeo White, is unsurpassed in characteristics such as grain tightness, physical leather properties, lightfastness and heat-resistance.

In addition, its bright white color, enables white leather, and lighter and brighter colors than were ever possible before. All of this gives you as a fashion designer or brand more freedom to create the most exciting sustainable premium leather pieces, without compromising on leather quality and appearance. That is why Zeology-tanned leather (Zeo White) is the new standard in sustainable leather for fashion. Learn all about Zeology, Zeo White and zeolite at the University of Zeology.

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Is Zeology tanned leather more biodegradable than chrome tanned leather?

Zeology tanned leather does biodegrade quicker than the traditional tanning technologies.

PUMA develops biodegradable RE:SUEDE sneaker with Zeology

PUMA has developed an experimental version of its most iconic sneaker to test for a product to make it biodegradable. The RE:SUEDE is made from Zeology tanned suede.