Responsible leather made with Zeology

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Discover Zeology Leather.

Zeology Leather is real, natural leather that is certified free from harmful substances and consists of circular chemistry. This makes the leather in your shoe, bag, or lounge chair compostable and biodegradable. You can even return it to the earth.

  • Tanned with Zeology, the chrome free, heavy metal free and aldehyde free tanning agent.
  • Outstanding leather performance.
  • Responsible & eco-friendly choice.

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Compostable & biodegradable

Imagine a beautiful bag from responsibly sourced leather, that is manufactured in a way that it could compost, biodegrade and return to nature. That is what Zeology Leather is all about.

Your used Zeology Leather bag or shoes can provide the soil with nutrients once the material has disintegrated into compost. Zeology Leather gives a proper compost within 45 days under industrial composting. It is also found to actually nourish the soil, delivering stronger plant growth than industrial compost.

Puma Zeology

Zeology X Puma

The RE:SUEDE is made with materials such as Zeology tanned suede, biodegradable TPE and hemp fibers. Compared to other biodegradable materials that were evaluated by PUMA, these materials also ensure better comfort for the wearer. – Puma

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Zeology tanned leather is a circular material, because it is manufactured in a sustainable way without hazardous chemicals. The Zeology tanning solution consists of certified circular chemistry. It comes from earth, to cow, to bag, to earth and on again. A model of perfect circularity.

It is essential to change the way products are designed and manufactured, for a cleaner planet, safer working conditions and use of products. Our certifications help us to achieve these goals.

How to source responsible leather?

Sourcing leather responsibly and ethically is an important topic. Are you a brand or consumer and are you looking to source sustainableresponsible leather? These four guidelines will help you.

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