Nera TanningCollaboration Ted Louise and Nera for circular and compostable bag collection

Collaboration Ted Louise and Nera for circular and compostable bag collection

With their new sustainable bag collection, bag designer Ted Louise is shaking up the Dutch fashion world. The collection is made with Zeology leather, a circular and compostable material. With this collection the brand is giving substance to her ambition to design and manufacture bags that are not just elegant and organized, but also better for our planet.

The collection is available from October 2022 via

Collaboration for change

Making the new Ted Louise collection more sustainable is the result of a chain-wide collaboration between chemical company Nera, part of Royal Smit & Zoon, a LWG Gold certified tannery and the brand Ted Louise. Only when all parties work together, it is possible to really make a difference, knows also Pim Wilgenburg, Venture Manager of Nera: ‘When a brand wants to source a new, sustainable material they get easily lost in (false) promises and solutions that sometimes are not as transparent as they should be. We want to be that partner to connect a brand’s sustainability wishes with the possibilities in leather making. With our innovative tanning agent Zeology we are laying the bases for truly circular and compostable leather.’

Leather, a natural and sustainable material

Leather is a natural, strong and durable material. It is also made from a byproduct of the meat and dairy industry. If we don’t use it, it will end up in landfill. By using responsible chemicals, leather also fits in a circular economy. ‘A beautiful leather bag makes my heart beats faster. And so does nature. To be able to design an manufacture this collection that is better for our planet, is the change we want to make. And an upward line we want to pursue’, says Liz van der Putten, CEO and founder of Ted Louise.

Organized, elegant and stylish. That is what the Dutch brand Ted Louis is all about. Made for strong women, by strong women. Go to: tedlouise.official for more information.

For more information about this collaboration and Zeology leather please contact Danielle Koenen, Global Director Marketing & Communicatie at Royal Smit & Zoon, [email protected]

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