Brands will pay more for Zeology-tanned leather, Scan-Hide says

Leather manufacturer Scan-Hide, a Partner of Zeology, has paid tribute to the help it has received from two of its partners in producing biodegradable leather. One of those partners being Nera, who supported the Danish tannery with their chrome-free tanning system Zeology.

In an article on the chief executive of Scan-Hide, Michael Søndergaard, has said he would like to process all of the group’s hides using Zeology within three or four years. He explained: “It would be a huge step in the green transition. It is a revolution in our business that we are now able to provide a green tanning method to the customers. We can start phasing out chemicals that have been used for ages in our industry.”

His calculation is that tanning hides in this way will add between 15% and 20% to costs, but he said he was confident many brands would be willing to pay extra.

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In support of DIRT, the foundation for the regeneration of the soil.

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