Nera’s glossary. What’s in a name?

Zeology, Zeo White, Zeology Leather, zeolite…

It sounds almost the same, but it’s not. We are happy to explain to you the differences:

Sustainable leather tanning with Zeology


Zeology is a patented zeolite-based tanning agent developed by Nera, a subsidiary of Royal Smit & Zoon. Zeology is chrome free, heavy metal free and aldehyde free and developed as a sustainable alternative to existing tanning agents.

zeo white sustainable white leather

Zeo White

Zeo White is the Zeology tanned leather intermediate.

Zeology leather collection

Zeology Leather

Zeology Leather is leather tanned with Zeology, that is ready to be used to create leather goods (shoes, bags, furniture, car interiors). Have a look at for more information.

tanning with zeolite


Zeolite is a type of mineral made out of aluminium, silicon and oxygen. They can be found naturally and then mined, or they can be manufactured synthetically. Read more about zeolites

Zeolite tanning products found in the market are unmodified versions of the commodity zeolite and not suitable as tanning agent. Want to know more about the differences between zeolite tanning products and Zeology? Read this article.

For more information about Zeology, please contact Pim Wilgenburg.

Pim Wilgenburg Business Director Nera