Sustainable and natural.

Zeology Leather for your footwear

As a brand, your goal and responsibility is to minimise environmental impact. So is ours.

That is why we introduce Zeology Leather. It’s a truly sustainable and natural material for your footwear.

  • Compostable. Biodegradable. Circular.

With  Zeology Leather you can offer your customer a sustainable, compostable, biodegradable, circular pair of shoes

Zeology Leather: the sustainable material choice for footwear

  • Tanned with Zeology, the circular tanning agent
  • A perfect fit for white leather shoes and bright colors
  • Top quality leather performance
  • Made by LWG certified tanneries
  • Certified tanning agent: ZDHC, ToxFMD, CradleToCradle

Compostable & biodegradable

Imagine a beautiful bag from responsibly sourced leather, that is manufactured in a way that it could compost, biodegrade and return to nature. That is what Zeology Leather is all about.

Your used Zeology Leather bag or shoes can provide the soil with nutrients once the material has disintegrated into compost. Zeology Leather gives a proper compost within 45 days under industrial composting. It is also found to actually nourish the soil, delivering stronger plant growth than industrial compost.

Towards a more sustainable footwear production. Let’s take the next steps, together.

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