The materials in PUMA's RE:SUEDE

PUMA RE:SUEDE: compostable sneakers

PUMA has been making headlining news with their compostable sneakers, the RE:SUEDE’s.

This experimental version of its most iconic sneaker, the SUEDE, was a test for a product to make it biodegradable. By doing so, PUMA aims to meet the growing demand for sustainable products for a better future.

What materials are the PUMA RE:SUEDE’s made of?

The RE:SUEDE uses the latest technology available today. The RE:SUEDE materials were carefully chosen for their comfort and potential to decompose. The shoes are made from more sustainable materials such as:

About Zeology
Zeology is a revolutionary tanning agent, that is free of chrome, heavy metals and aldehyde. Zeology enables you to create compostable, biodegradable and circular leather.

More about Zeology

More information? PUMA shares its insights in a detailed report, so its peers and other interested stakeholders can learn from the experiment and apply the learnings to their own initiatives.

Download the handbook