Nera TanningZeology nominated for the Green Product Award

Zeology nominated for the Green Product Award

From 56 countries 1500 projects were submitted for the Green Product Award 2021 and reviewed under the aspects of design, innovation & sustainability in a multi-stage process. We are pleased that our sustainable tanning agent Zeology has won the highest award: the Green Product Award 2022 – Best of New Materials!


Nera’s sustainable leather tanning agent Zeology was nominated for the Green Product Award 2022. The Green Product Award is the award for sustainable market changers.

The nominees were evaluated by an international jury that will determine the winner. In addition to the jury prize, a second award was determined by public voting. Voting was possible until January 31st. 

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Zeology, the gamechanger for leather tanning

Zeology is a truly sustainable alternative to existing tanning agents. It is zeolite-based and therefore chrome-free, heavy metal-free and aldehyde-free. What makes Zeology unique, compared to both traditional tanning agents and other existing sustainable alternatives, is that it delivers both sustainability benefits and superior leather performance.

“Zeology is a good example for the level of quality and passion, our nominees are contributing to a more sustainable future.” Nils Bader, Director Green Product Award

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About the Green Product Award

The international Green Product Award is rewarding products and services, good in design, innovation and sustainability since 2013. The aim of the club is to inspire consumers and industry with good examples and to provide feedback and networking opportunities to the participants of the awards so that more and more sustainable products emerge. The Award showcases 11 categories of Architecture & Tiny Houses, Building Components, Circular Materials, Consumer Goods & Body Care, Fashion, Interior & Lifestyle, Kids, Mobility, Sport and Workspace. The Green Concept Award – held in cooperation with IKEA-Stiftung – strictly focuses on concepts, materials and prototypes, not on the market yet. Every year, the Green Trend Book shows the upcoming sustainable trends and submissions to the Awards.

On May 18th the grand finale was held as a hybrid award ceremony with insights from jurors and creators of different industries, matchmaking events and much more.

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