Nera TanningEducating at Jiaxing University

Educating at Jiaxing University

Educating at Jiaxing University

By Fabrizio Ugolini

Early November we held an intensive and full-immersion one-week Leather Finishing Course at Jiaxing University (Zhejiang Province). Established in 1914, this University is currently hosting about 25,000 students in 17 different faculties, one of them being focused on Leather Chemistry. It is very active in developing international exchange and cooperation in the field of high education. The objective of our course has been to provide the students the tools to develop a broader theoretical and practical knowledge of leather finishing and to enhance the students’ confidence level to produce leathers of international quality and value.

In order to reach this goal, we have divided the training into two phases: the first purely theoretical, focused on the study of the chemistry of finishing products, their interaction and specific application behavior, and the second one – more fun for the students – pivoted on the practical application in the laboratory. It has been a successful initiative, well organized by our host Prof. Luo Jianxun – the Department Director. We have been able to convey our passion for leather, we shaped the students’ mindset in regard to their last tests in which they have been able to realize and present excellent finished articles.

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