Collaboration Nera and SPOOR at Première Vision Paris

Traceable, compostable tanned leather

Nera, manufacturer of sustainable tanning agent Zeology, and SPOOR, delivering full traceability on hides, are joining forces at Première Vision Paris the 5-7 July. Nera and SPOOR offer traceability, transparency and sustainability from farm level to tanned leather. A unique solution to conscious brands co-creating a better sustainable tomorrow in the leather and fashion industry.

Conscious solution for conscious brands

There is a gap to fill for brands between believing to source responsible leather and to actually knowing to make the responsible decision. Traceability and LCA data on leather will become increasingly important to document sustainable actions. SPOOR technology makes it possible to document the conditions under which the animal grew up, a crucial step towards transparency on animal welfare. SPOOR technology is a traceability assurance and guarantee of the leather for brands. Add Nera’s solution Zeology for compostable leather to the equation and you have one of the most conscious solutions to conscious brands.

Catalyzer for a sustainable leather value chain

Collaborations are key to catalyze the process to create a socially and environmentally sustainable leather value chain. There is an urgent need in the industry for more transparency, not only on chemical management but also on animal welfare. And that is exactly what SPOOR and Nera are delivering together. We are therefore very enthusiastic to announce this partnership. Let’s create sustainable leather, together.
Hans van Haarst, CEO Royal Smit & Zoon.

About Nera
Nera is frontrunner in the leather tanning industry with its innovative Zeology tanning agent which enables biodegradable and compostable leather. Zeology is chrome free, aldehyde free and heavy metal free. Nera is a brand of Royal Smit & Zoon.

SPOOR offers brands data, insight and a guarantee of full traceability on Northern European hides. SPOOR is a business unit of Danish tanner Scan-Hide.

 Visit the booth of Nera and SPOOR at the fair, Première Vision Paris, Parc des Exposition, Paris North Villepinte the 5-7 July.

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