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Masterclass Circularity

Type Webinar Date December 7, 2022
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3pm – 4pm (CET)

Insights for Fashion, Footwear and Automotive

In our current economy, we take resources from the Earth, make products from them and eventually throw most of these products away as waste. With the production of fashion items, footwear and car interiors we should aim to use (and reuse) products as long as possible and reduce waste to minimum. From a linear process to a circular process.

Material sourcing plays a vital role in this matter. How can we take next steps towards circularity? And what role does leather play in a circular economy in the footwear, fashion and automotive industry?

Join us on 7 December in the discussion about circular materials and about leather in specific in the apparel, footwear and automotive industry. You will gain practical tips and insights for the transition to circular products.

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We will take about these topics – and more:

  • What is meant by “circular”?
  • How can the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program help us accelerate circularity in business models, product design and manufacturing and support brands?
  • What about the circularity of leather, compared to alternative materials?
  • When can leather be defined as circular? What are the requirements?
  • What technologies are available for recycling leather?
  • How to reduce the industry’s footprint by replacing fossil-based materials by bio-based alternatives?
  • Circularity put in practice: examples in the fashion & footwear industry

You have the opportunity to send in your questions when registering.

For who?

Everybody who wants to learn about circularity is welcome to join. In specific this masterclass is very valuable for:

  • Fashion, textile, automotive, aviation, furniture, shoes & leather goods brands
  • Leather technicians and manufactures
  • Designers
  • Tanneries
  • OEM’s

Are you ready to make the leather value chain more sustainable? Let’s get the conversation started! Participation is free of charge.

Your speakers

The Masterclass will be hosted by Nienke SteenCradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute and Florian Schrey, Royal Smit & Zoon. Ellen De Waele is our moderator and will ensure that as many questions as possible will be answered.

General information

The Circularity Masterclass will take place on Wednesday 7 December from 3pm – 4pm (CET).

Participation is free of charge.

The masterclass will be held in English.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the topic of circularity or this masterclass.

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